[Mailman-Users] Remove banned poster

dhphllps at memphis.edu dhphllps at memphis.edu
Wed Feb 15 22:15:09 CET 2006

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|Thomas Waters wrote:
|> Use the Web UI for Mailman.
|> Go to Privacy Options.
|> Remove him from the banned list.
|That will not work.  That will only ban a user from becoming a 
|I have a user who is not a member of a list but still needs to post to 
|the list.  I need to figure out how to remove his ban.

Go one step further into the privacy options, sender filters, and look
for his address in one of those lists and/or add it to the approved
poster list.

Dan Phillips
Associate Professor
Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
University of Memphis 

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