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Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Feb 16 22:04:53 CET 2006

Luke Shannon wrote:

>Actually it doesn't really need to be in MySQL. As long as Mailman handles 
>the add and removing of addresses to a list and creates an alias for each 
>list, my java program could be tweaked to send mail to all alias rather than 
>a set of email addresses (as it does now).

Mailman does not create an alias per se. It does provide a list posting
address and receives posts at that address and sends them to the list

If the only purpose of your MySQL database is to provide a list of
people/addresses to deliver to, you could use Mailman without
modification and let it maintain it's own membership list and handle
bounce processing and subscribe/unsubscribe, etc.

for information about setting up announcement (one-way) lists.

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