[Mailman-Users] no confirmation required?

kalin mintchev kalin at el.net
Fri Feb 17 02:24:47 CET 2006

 hi all...

 i have a set up of mailman that hosts a lot of email lists. recently more
and more people want to have a list but a lot of them don't want their
users to go through all the subscription-confirmation-welcome messages
process. i took off the welcome messages but not sure how to avoid the
confirmation email.
as far as i can see the options in the admin are not allowing this.
i know what is the purpose of this confirmation and why it's
implementation but no matter how many times i explain it to the list
owners they don't want it. like a few of those clients are non-profit
cancer awareness groups and a wedding dresses selling company - they just
don't want it. i'd ratter use mailman than reinventing the wheel and there
is always the option to unsubscribe....

so how do i avoid the confirmation? i would like to just send an email to
the list using a form and the address in the form should be added to the
list without further processing.
i also realize that this has been discussed before but i just wanted to
update it a bit...


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