[Mailman-Users] excessive bounces bug

Travis Derouin tderouin at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 17:45:14 CET 2006


I run a mailing list for a daily how-to newsletter for eHow.com.
Today, at least a few of us subscribed to the list, including myself,
received a false warning:

"Your membership in the mailing list eHow has been disabled due to
excessive bounces The last bounce received from you was dated
18-Feb-2006.  You will not get any more messages from this list until
you re-enable your membership.  You will receive 3 more reminders like
this before your membership in the list is deleted."

This is definitely in error since I, and other people in our
organization, have been receiving the daily e-mail that is sent to our
list successfully. Can anyone explain why this would happen? I saw
this page http://mayfirst.org/mailman-unsubscribe but it doesn't
explain our situation, our list was created from scratch and people
have been signing up on their own for about the past 8 months.

Currently, to avoid having a mass panic and unsubscription from our
list, the best route I see is to include an apology for this false
warning to our users in our next newsletter and disable automatic
bounce processing to prevent this from happening again.


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