[Mailman-Users] email problems

Patrick Bogen pdbogen at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 06:41:47 CET 2006

Sorry, not quite clear on some points here.

Are you talking about receiving mail from the outside? (I.e., from
other SMTP servers on the internet)

If so, bbs.memphistw.org is accessible from the outside? (SMTP, once again)

Lastly, does the MX for the domain memphistw.org point at
bbs.memphistw.org? (This is a DNS issue, if you aren't already aware.
The MX record tells mail servers where mail for some random
[sub]domain needs to go. E.g., the MX for physics.tamu.edu is

- Patrick Bogen

On 2/22/06, patrick siglin <Patrick.Siglin at memphistw.org> wrote:
> ok I have my exchange server and another email server on the inside "bbs.memphistw.org" I can recieve mail on the bbs.memphistw.org but can not seem to get mail on "memphistw.org". Mail posts fine and every other user gets the email including the bbs.memphistw.org server. I do get emails from mailman about join requests and the welcome message but that is all. Any ideas? No spam blocker on the server so that shouldn't be it.
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- Patrick Bogen

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