[Mailman-Users] email problems

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Feb 24 03:28:45 CET 2006

Patrick Bogen wrote:

>I'm still not quite clear on the exact nature of the problem. Can you
>provide a specific example?

Me too, but I think I'm finally getting a clue.

>On 2/23/06, patrick siglin <Patrick.Siglin at memphistw.org> wrote:
>> Sorry. I all that. Bbs.memphistw.org and list.memphistw.org both sit on
>> the inside isolated from the inet. Mail.memphistw.org is the front end
>> that talks to the internet. I receive subscription notices just fine
>> from the list server. I do not get posts for some reason. I tested my
>> hotmail and yahoo account and I can send and receive from the list all
>> day.  Here is a picture.
>>                             Inet
>>                           exchange
>>                           /     \
>>                         Mailman bbs

So Patrick S, do I understand correctly that the issue is that posts
sent out from the Mailman machine are not delivered to user addresses
on the bbs machine and that otherwise things are OK including delivery
of owner notifications from Mailman to the bbs machine?

As far Mailman is concerned, posts are sent out in essentially the same
way as owner notices. The differences are only things like the actual
headers and body and the fact that (non-VERPed/non-presonalized
anyway) posts generally have multiple recipients and messages to the
owner may have only one.

Is there an MTA on the Mailman machine that Mailman sends through or
does it deliver directly to exchange?

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