[Mailman-Users] [Fwd: problem migrating mailman 2.0.8 to 2.1.7]

Apostolis Papayanakis apap+mailman-users at auth.gr
Mon Feb 27 13:04:57 CET 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Apostolis Papayanakis wrote:
>> I have trouble upgrading an old installation of mailman-2.0.8 into mailman-2.1.7 (Gentoo Linux with Python 2.4.2).
>> While installing the new version on top of the old, the "update" utility is invoked, but then it fails with
>> "AttributeError: topics". No list gets migrated. The same error is produced if I use "withlist" with any old list.
> Something has gone wrong in the original update process. Apparently at
> this point, you have 'current version lists' without a topics
> attribute. This should not happen.
>> Recreating the lists seems to loose too much user configuration, although it is fairly easy to accomplish.
>> The system currently serves approx 60 mailing lists.
>> I found relevant discussions on this list, but not any really helpful answers (yet)
>> How can I overcome the "AttributeError: topics" error? Is it trivial?
> Try the following:
> Go to the lists/listname/ directory for one of your old lists. Then
> delete all the config.* files except for the original 2.0.8 config.db.
> Then try 'bin/withlist -l listname' on that list.
> If that works, that list should then be OK.
> You may be able to accomplish the same for all lists by doing the same
> file deletion and then running bin/update or 'bin/update -f'.

In order to migrate mailman-2.0.8 to mailman-2.1.7 I had to do it in two 

I first upgraded from mailman-2.0.8 to mailman-2.0.13 and immediatelly 
after I upgraded from mailman-2.0.13 to mailman-2.1.7.

The problem went away with this two step migration.

Thanks everybody

Apostolis Papayanakis

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