[Mailman-Users] add_members

Allan Hansen hansen at rc.org
Tue Feb 28 20:17:21 CET 2006

Thank you for clarifying, Mark.

I do not yet have the knowledge to fix it, thus my comment. I do
appreciate the fix, though, because a number of my subscribers do
want to be subscribed inactive from a second address that they use
for posts (and they don't want duplicates). So I'll use your version.


At 9:18 -0800 2/28/06, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>Mark Sapiro wrote:
>>Allan Hansen wrote:
>>>So Apple's version does, indeed, appear to be an Apple hack gone awry.
>>>I suppose it could be fixed by extracting the address before sending
>>>the member to setDeliveryStatus, but I'll refrain from that.
>>Yes, but why? 
>Upon rereading my post, I see the above "but why" doesn't say what I
>meant. It appears that I'm saying "but why refrain from fixing the
>hack?" This is definitely not what I meant to say.
>I meant to say "but why fix it?", just the opposite of how it comes
>out. I did indicate how you could fix it, but I also tried to say that
>I didn't see a real need for the botched option in the first place.
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