[Mailman-Users] virtual domains problem

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Jan 4 01:13:50 CET 2006

Sean Roe wrote:

>Unfortunately, I have to do it this way, with multiple instances, as one 
>group of lists are using the mysql adapter and one group isn't.  

If you use the extend.py mechanism to specify the MysqlMemberships.py
MemberAdaptor rather than patching MailList.py, you can use
MysqlMemberships.py for only a subset of lists. It is not quite
automatic as you would have to manually copy an extend.py file to the
lists/listname/ directory following creation of a list that would use
MysqlMemberships.py, but it can be done.

>back to the original posting, do you know why I am picking up that colon 
>on the beguining of the domainname?

It is not clear to me from the prior posts in this thread exactly what
you've tried. You said in a prior post -

The changes I made were to exim's list_macrodefs:

and mailman_router:
require_files = MM_LISTCHK
require_files = <; MM_LISTCHK

but it is not clear if you also changed MM_HOME. There is possibly
confusion over whether or not a doubled colon is required in MM_HOME


but the several other places where MM_HOME is used definitely do not
want the colon to be doubled.

Thus it seems to me you want




and to be sure you don't need doubled colons in MM_LISTCHK,

require_files = <; MM_LISTCHK

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