[Mailman-Users] Spamassassin/Mailman - filter messages tolist-owners

Michael Berkowski berk0081 at umn.edu
Wed Jan 4 22:39:22 CET 2006

I see now why they didn't first appear in the log.  They never passed to the
SpamAssassin handler at all because I had a typo in my
OWNER_PIPELINE.insert() line.  My test spams were just being dropped
altogether. I've corrected it and the owner messages are now being properly
scored and logged in vette.

Thanks, you've been really helpful.
MINITEX Library Information Network / MnLINK
University of Minnesota

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> Michael Berkowski wrote:
> >
> >Will messages discarded from OWNER_PIPELINE appear in any log as those
> >discarded from GLOBAL_PIPELINE appear in vette?
> Yes. They are processed by IncomingRunner just like normal posts. Only
> the pipeline is different. Anything that results in a discarded
> message will be logged to vette by IncomingRunner just as for normal
> posts..
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