[Mailman-Users] Spamassassin/Mailman - filter messages tolist-owners

Michael Berkowski berk0081 at umn.edu
Wed Jan 4 23:17:01 CET 2006

Hi Brad, 

We had begun to run SpamAssassin directly with Postfix, but since that
server is really only used to manage our many Mailman lists, we found it
more convenient from an admin standpoint just to use the spamd.py and
spamassassin.py handlers for now.  There are no other email addresses active
on that system and only two of us have accounts as administrators anyway.
In the future we'll probably integrate SpamAssassin with Postfix, but for
now we're really pleased with how well it's working with Mailman alone.

I'm glad to know that's in the FAQ wizard though.

MINITEX Library Information Network / MnLINK
University of Minnesota

> 	Also keep in mind that SpamAssassin can be integrated into the
> MTA instead of Mailman, which would give everyone on the server (and
> everything passing through) the same anti-spam benefits.  Combined
> with Mailman 2.1.6 (or later), and you can use the anti-spam features
> within Mailman to automatically throw away messages that have been
> marked by SpamAssassin.
> 	More information on these methods can be found in the Mailman FAQ
> Wizard.
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