[Mailman-Users] creating a list of moderators

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Jan 11 20:43:32 CET 2006

Matt Emerson wrote:
>We created a mailing list called "list-owners", which we update once  
>a day via the following command.
>/usr/share/mailman/bin/withlist -q -a -r printowners | tr A-Z a-z |  
>sort | uniq | /usr/share/mailman/bin/sync_members -w=no -g=no -f -  
>list-owners >>/tmp/list-owner-updates
>The printowners helper script, which we put in /usr/share/mailman/bin/ 
>printowners.py, contains the following.  (It's probably better to  
>keep local stuff out of Mailman's bin directory, but since I'm a  
>python caveman, I just put the local script there anyway.)
>def printowners(m):
>     for i in m.owner:
>         print i

You could probably replace the

/usr/share/mailman/bin/withlist -q -a -r printowners | tr A-Z a-z |  
sort | uniq

part of this pipe with


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