[Mailman-Users] migration of mailing list to mailman?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Jan 13 16:56:50 CET 2006

Jana Nguyen wrote:
>I have .archive files of mailing lists that I need to migrate over to 
>mailman.  Where do I copy these
>.archive files on to mailman, where does it locate?  I need to test out 
>if our existing mailing list work on mailman.

If these '.archive' files are in *nix mbox format, they can be used
directly. Otherwise they first need to be converted to mbox format -
i.e., flat text files containing raw messages separated by 'From '

If, for example, you have a new Mailman list named mmlist, you can copy
such an archive file to archives/private/mmlist.mbox/mmlist.mbox and
then run

bin/arch --wipe mmlist

To create pipermail archives from the old mbox.

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