[Mailman-Users] notification system

Matt Gostick matt at crazylogic.net
Sun Jan 22 17:34:39 CET 2006

> At 9:18 PM -0500 2006-01-21, Matt Gostick wrote:
>>  I have installed Mailman in hopes of using it as a type of 'notification'
>>  system.  For example, a user subscribes to the list, and after subscribing
>>  I can send him/her an email notifiying them an event that happens on my
>>  website.
> 	Send a notice to that list, and all recipients will receive a
> copy.  But you don't have a list per recipient.  If you did, then why
> would you bother with a mailing list system -- why not just send a
> message directly to each of those users?\
>>            The event would be unique for this user and should only be sent
>>  to him/her.
> 	That's not going to work.
>>               Is mailman the appropriate program for me?  If not, can
>>  anyone suggest another standard program that would do the job?
> 	If every user has a unique event that only they care about, you
> will probably need to build your own system -- just have a database
> of users and what events they're interested in, and then send out
> e-mail messages every time one of those events happen.

Yeah, that is what I do now, but I am at the point where I am sending so many emails per day that
my penetration rate is decreasing b/c of Junk/Spam folders.  I was hoping that using a standard
program where the unsubscribe/subscribe system was known and trusted by isp's that I would get
better penetration.


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