[Mailman-Users] Determine List Bandwidth

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Jan 22 20:19:46 CET 2006

Bryan Carbonnell 
>Again, let me know if you see any way this can be improved.

I haven't looked in great detail, but here are some random thoughts I
have on the subject for your consideration.

If you rotate logs on your system, you may need to concatenate the two
most recent logs to be sure you have all the info for one day.

If you have digest members, you may or may not be concerned that the
digest may not be sent until the 'next day'. Also, if a post is
scrubbed for the digest, it may be significantly smaller than the size
in the post log.

You could match message id's from the post log with the smtp log to get
the exact number of recipients without counting members, but this will
only get the message recipients, not digest. You can see digests in
the smtp log, but not how big or even for what list

>Also, is there someplace on Sourceforge that I can post this, so that
>everyone can "enjoy" it too?

You can post it to the Mailman patches tracker. See
for an example of a different script with a different purpose to see
how this works.

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