[Mailman-Users] Mail Forwarding Loop / List issue

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Jan 24 20:29:22 CET 2006

Jon Loose wrote:

>I have set up a test list on a new server with a few
>subscribers.  All seems to be working well, however
>when I check the "Administrative Requests" on the
>mailing list, I am receiving the following for a range
>of messages:
>                        The Postfix program
><thetestlist at loosehome.info>: mail forwarding loop for
>    thetestlist at loosehome.info

What messages is Postfix complaining about? It is unclear to me what is
going on because under normal circumstances, your local MTA should
never return a DSN to the list. If the problem message is a post, the
DSN should go to the poster, and if it is a message from Mailman, the
DSN should go to some LIST-bounces address.

>These messages appear in the administrator section
>because mailer-daemon is not a member of the list, and
>so the attempt to access the list by the mailer-daemon
>is flagged up for admin attention.

If the list is otherwise working, you could add
MAILER-DAEMON at loosehome.info to the list's discard_these_nonmembers
(just kidding).

>So, question to the helpful: How can I avoid this mail
>forwarding loop?
>Please note that the error occurs on a range of
>addresses, including an account on the local machine. 
>I don't think there are any genuine forwarding loops
>going on... why should there be?

Well, apparently due to aliases (alias_maps, alias_database,
virtual_alias_maps, ???) or something, Postfix thinks there are.

This seems like a Postfix configuration issue. You might have more
success posting this to a Postfix list.

>On a different topic, I originally signed up to this
>using my own server (on a fixed, domestic IP).  Mails
>were thrown out ostensibly because of the IP address. 
>Is this normal practise?

If by 'this' you mean mailman-users at python.org, I don't think so. I
have a 'home', fixed IP, and I have no problem with python.org lists.
Did you receive reject notices for the mail? If so, from where and
what did they say?

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