[Mailman-Users] Virtual-domain support?

Jim Popovitch jimpop at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 27 04:42:13 CET 2006

Matt England wrote:
> sendmail.  ** shudder **

Hey, no shudder here.  I fully understand Sendmail, it works well and I
sleep good at night. YMMV.

> [... rest of stuff deleted, not sure why we are talking about an MTA
> if it's a Mailman problem ...but yes, I know how to get my MTA to do
> this...]

I mentioned the MTA because that is the crux of most peoples
virtualization problems.  Indeed 90% of using Mailman, with virtual
domains, involves MTA config.

> There's a sourceforge task/patch/faq somewhere talking about how this
>  can be solved, but it required virtual-domain support.

Not sure what you are talking about here?  Got URL?

>> At this point you can change each Mailman list settings so that
>> emails aesthetically appear as from LIST instead of LIST-A or
>> LIST-B (subject line, footer, subscription notice, etc).
>> The real visible issue may arise in URLs that users will use (i.e.
>>  http://<server>/mailman/list).  You will need to configure your 
>> webserver to redirect http://domain1.com/mailman/list to 
>> http://domain1.com/mailman/list-a  AND
>> http://domain2.com/mailman/list to redirect to
>> http://domain2.com/mailman/list-b.  I suppose you could also use
>> proxy features of Apache to proxy http://domain2.com/mailman/list-b
>> as http://domain2.com/mailman/list and the same for list-a.
>> Shouldn't be too difficult.
> I don't think I follow.  Why do I need to use different listnames?
> TO BE CLEAR: I want Mailman changed to handle the virtual
> domains....so that I do NOT have to bend over backwards to do all the
> above stuff.

Mailman stores list specific info in files names after each list.
Therefore you can not have 2 identically named lists in Mailman.

> I don't want to hodge-podge Mailman.  I want Mailman fixed to support
> this.

It's not something that can be "fixed" in Mailman.  Somethings in life 
are unique, Mailman's list names are one of those things.  Changing 
Mailman to support 2 lists of the same name, would be akin to having a 
Linux server that supported 2 identical usernames (even though the MTA 
on that server supports virtual domains).  It just isn't possible, and 
probably won't ever be due to the number of things that would have to be 
changed to support this.

-Jim P.

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