[Mailman-Users] members address in to header

Aaron Todd toddaa at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 22:23:52 CET 2006

I know this has probably been posted a thousand times so I am sorry if I
annoy anyone who has been at this for years.  I am new to mailman so please
take it easy on me.

I recently had my ISP set up a list for me and due to their lack of
knowledge about mailman I have found myself searching the Internet, reading
the manuals, and now posting here for answeres to my questions.

So far I really like the system.  We have been very impressed.  One question
that has come up is:  Is there any way for the members address to be in the
TO header when they get it?  Currently when I send out an email to my list
each member sees the lists address in the TO and FROM headers.  Reply-TO was
pretty easy to take care of, but TO is what I am conserned about.  The
intention of this list is to be an announcment only list.  I really do not
want to show the lists address to the user that will be getting the
message.  I am not trying to SPAM people here...I am just trying to keep the
message to my customers as personal as I can.

If anyone could give me an answer on this or even give me something to
search on I would really appreciate it.  I've been running through
the archives, but so far come up empty.



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