[Mailman-Users] Tips in using a list addr for another lists's owneraddress?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Jan 31 19:58:12 CET 2006

Matt England wrote:

>I have a webmaster at lists.mydomain.com email list address that I use as the 
>address of the owner of other lists at lists.mydomain.com.
>This seems to work exactly as I intended (I can have a floating and/or 
>group responsibility for the mydomain.com webmaster), except that I get a 
>lot of messages like this sent to webmast at lists.mydomain.com:
>From: mailman-bounces at lists.mydomain.com on Sun Jan 15 14:12:04 2006
>Subject: svn-notify subscription notification
>Cause: Message has implicit destination

You have a couple of choices.

Go to Privacy options...->Recipient filters for the webmaster list and
1) set require_explicit_destination to No, or
2) add the To: addresses of these notices to acceptable_aliases.

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