[Mailman-Users] No One Can Post a Message but the Server

Greg Sims greg at headingup.net
Tue Jul 18 02:34:11 CEST 2006

Hi There,


I created a list that is for the distribution of a newsletter from a server.
I need to make sure that No One Can Every post to this list except for the
bash script that sends out the newsletter.


The newsletter is constructed daily by a bash script running out of CronTab
of a server.  The newsletter is constructed with an email header line that
looks like this:


            From: newsletter at raystedman.org


The script is run from a linux user-id that is "greg".  This means the mail
is actually coming from greg at raystedman.org.


So here's the big question.  How do I configure mailman so that Only this
script is allowed to post to the newsletter list?  Any other mail sent to
newsletter at raystedman.org should be discarded without notification.


This seems like a simple question but I need to be sure I am correct on this


Thanks!  Greg

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