[Mailman-Users] message body is blank for some users

Heal Secretary secretary at healheadingley.org.uk
Thu Jun 1 23:02:23 CEST 2006

Hi Brad

Thank you for this.

The user's messy headings reveal "Content-Type: text/html; 
format=flowed". Is this all I need to know?

I am using Eudora which shows plenty of messy headings. I don't know 
if it is a MUA or not. Please could you explain this term. Also, the 
messy headings don't have any mention of MIME. I'm sorry to say I 
don't even know what this term means. Please could you enlighten me?

In the meantime I have changed my settings to "Should Mailman convert 
text/html parts to plain text? = No". I'll ask the user to post and 
see what happens.

Many thanks for your patience

At 21:58 31/5/06, Brad Knowles wrote:

>         This user is probably sending out an HTML-formatted message 
> (or in some other MIME format), and you have Mailman configured to 
> strip HTML (or whatever the other MIME format is).
>         Check your settings.  Have the user send you a message 
> directly, then use whatever techniques your MUA allows you to have 
> to see all the messy headers and MIME body structure.  If you don't 
> have an MUA that lets you see all that, you'll need to get an MUA that will.

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