[Mailman-Users] language encoding for archives

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Jun 3 00:38:02 CEST 2006

kristina clair wrote:
>Thanks so much!  I discovered that messages that are using one
>character set (charset="windows-1251") are appearing correctly and
>messages that are using another character set (charset=iso-8859-1) are
>not appearing correctly.
>Is the only fix for this for the list members to use the character set
>which is appearing correctly after mailman processing?

Sorry for not answering sooner. This one got buried in my inbox.

Those users who are sending charset=iso-8859-1 need to do something
different in their MTAs or with the setup of their computers. The
iso-8859-1 character set is also known as Latin-1 or western. It does
not contain encodings for cyrillic characters. The ISO character set
with cyrillic characters is iso-8859-5. Windows-1251 is also a
cyrillic character set.

See for example <http://czyborra.com/charsets/iso8859.html> for
descriptions of the various iso-8859 character sets and
<http://czyborra.com/charsets/cyrillic.html> for various cyrillic
character sets.

Apparently your problem users are using a cyrillic setting on their
computers so that they type and see cyrillic characters on their
displays, but their MUA's are mis-identifying this as iso-8859-1. This
is basically a setup issue on the sender's computers.

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