[Mailman-Users] distributing Mailman between 2 systems

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Jun 5 00:04:03 CEST 2006

Jim Popovitch wrote:

>I would like to move the pipermail archives to a different host then the 
>main Mailman system.  Specifically for better archive searching 
>performance with htdig.  Is this possible?

You have basically two issues. One is getting the archived messages
onto the other host, and the other is accessing them.

To get messages archived on (call it) archives.example.com, you could
have Mailman installed and running there. Then, for each list, you
could have the active version, say list at lists.example.com be your
normal list with the addition of list at archives.example.com as a member
and archiving turned off. Then you set up list at archives.example.com
with list-bounces at lists.example.com as the only member (with delivery
and password reminders disabled, to accept the relayed posts) and with
the archive settings you want.

There are probably other ways to do this using external archiver
settings on lists.example.com or by having archives on both hosts and
using rsync to update the archives host, but the above seems simple

Assuming you're doing the first method, you probably want to set
ARCHIVE_TO_MBOX = -1 in mm_cfg.py on lists.example.com so the archiver
doesn't do any archiving at all. Then you can put your own pages in
archives/private/<listname>/index.html on lists.example.com. These
pages could redirect to the corresponding archive on
archives.example.com. Also, for public archives, you could set
PUBLIC_ARCHIVE_URL in mm_cfg.py on lists.example.com to point to

I haven't thought about this a lot. There may be other (better) ways.
for some additional info.

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