[Mailman-Users] Second request - Code edit question.

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Mon Jun 5 16:05:52 CEST 2006

At 1:44 AM -0700 2006-06-05, 7D wrote:

>  So I ask a TECHNICAL question on the developers list which in the sign up
>  for these lists says if for technical questions, and I am promptly told to
>  put the question on the users list which is non-technical.  OK so now I
>  am asking here (in the wrong place by y'alls descriptions) how to do
>  something.  Sorry if I sound a little frustrated, but had the descriptions
>  of the lists not been written so poorly I would probably have an answer
>  by now.

	Looking at the Mailman listinfo page at 
<http://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo>, it says that the 
Mailman-developers list is for "GNU Mailman developers", and the 
Mailman-users list is for "Mailman mailing list management users".

	If you go to the list-specific information page for 
mailman-developers, the top two paragraphs are:

		This list is for discussion of the Mailman mailing list
		management system. It is open to people interested in
		improving the usability of the system, including end
		users as well as mailing list managers and development

		There is a separate mailing list for people interested
		in discussion regarding configuring and using the
		system - mailman-users.

	In the list=specific information page for mailman-users, it says:

		This mailing list is for users and other parties interested
		in the Mailman mailing list management system. There is a
		separate mailing list for people interested in discussion
		about development of the system - mailman-developers.

	Are you asking a question that relates to development on Mailman? 
If so, then the Mailman-developers list might be the appropriate 
place to ask that.  Otherwise, mailman-users is a better place to go.

	If you have any specific recommendations regarding how we can 
improve the wording of the one-line description and the list-specific 
information text, please let us know.

	My take on your question is that it is operational in nature, and 
you have not developed any Python code to address this issue, nor do 
you have specific Python code that you would like to discuss 
regarding this matter.  If I'm wrong, please let me know.

	Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for your problem.  I 
suspect that you may be able to edit one of the list templates to 
obtain the desired result, but it might also be the case that the 
text you're looking at is generated internally to one of the Python 
routines within Mailman, and therefore you would need to make a minor 
modification to the source code.

	I would encourage you to search the FAQ Wizard and the list 
archives for "template", as well as some of the key words/phrases 
you're looking to remove, and see what turns up.

	Either way, mailman-users is almost certainly a more appropriate 
place to ask this question than mailman-developers.

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