[Mailman-Users] Possible? Multiple instances off single code base?

Hugh Esco he at reclaimedcomputers.ca
Mon Jun 5 23:36:22 CEST 2006

Just to clarify what I'm asking here:  

Is it possible to run instances of Mailman on
multiple and distinct domains on a single installation of
the code base?  

Does anyone here have a recipe for how this is done? 

-- Hugh 

On Mon, 5 Jun 2006 10:33:46 -0700
Hugh Esco <he at reclaimedcomputers.ca> wrote:

> I'm wondering, as a means for simplifying maintainence, is
> there a way to deploy multiple instances of Mailman off a
> single code base, so that there is only one instance of the
> code to upgrade and maintain.  
> Any and all insight would be appreciated.  
> -- 
> Hugh Esco 
> http://reclaimedcomputers.ca/
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