[Mailman-Users] sysadmin held messages reviewer?

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Wed Jun 7 07:34:56 CEST 2006

At 11:17 AM +0800 2006-06-07, Paul Wise wrote:

>>  > I'm wondering if anyone on this list has written or knows of an
>>  > interactive command-line application to allow a sysadmin on a mailman
>>  > server to review all the held messages and subscription requests for all
>>  > lists associated with a mailman install.
>>  It would be fairly simple to modify cron/checkdbs to do this. You could
>>  reduce the main loop to something like:
>  Thanks for the hint, pity it isn't already implemented. Is this
>  something I should contribute if I implement it?

	There is definitely a dearth of good command-line site/list admin 
tools available in the current version of Mailman.  There are some 
basic tools that operate at a very low level, but not really much 
that let you quickly plow through a large list.

	At least, not without requiring a web browser and some scripts to 
cut down the standard Mailman web interface to something that is more 
manageable.  But then those tools have the same dependency on the web 
server as the regular GUI admin tools, and don't really help when the 
system is so bogged down that the web server is more of a hindrance 
than a help.

	Please, do feel free to contribute any command-line tools that 
you may develop.

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