[Mailman-Users] Mailman and Sendmail debugging questions

Daniel, Barry K. danielbk at ornl.gov
Sat Jun 10 04:56:02 CEST 2006

I've got the basic mailing list functionality working now!!!  I have been silly enough to look over a typo in my mm_cfg.py file for a couple of days now (SMTP_HOST, not SMPT_HOST).  I still need to turn mm-handler back on but I do not think that will be too hard.  Here is a description of how I have it set up if anyone is interested.
NOTE:  One thing to remember is that all mail is sent to domain.gov while all servers actually belong to domainpriv.gov.
We have Sun Messenger installed on ServerA.  It is the MTA between our inside domain and the outside world.  Mail comes in from the world to ServerA and is sent to ServerB to be virus scanned.  The scanned message is sent back to ServerA.  If it is a user address, the message is stored on ServerC (the mail store).  If it is a mailing list address, the message is forwarded to ServerD.  ServerD uses Mailman and has Sendmail as its local MTA.  I configured the Sendmail mailertable to accept all domain.gov mail and route it to local for now (uses aliases in /etc/aliases file), but should change it to mailman:localhost when I turn mm-handler back on.  Thus, the mail is accepted at ServerD and sent to Mailman.  Mailman then sends the message to all list members via the MTA on ServerA, not the local Sendmail MTA (SMTP_HOST='ServerA').  Thus, all users get their mailing list message.
Thanks for all of the help!!!!  It all makes sense now, but it certainly didn't just a few days ago.
I'll check back in when I try to tweak the Mailman install.


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To: Daniel, Barry K.
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Daniel, Barry K. wrote:
> Below in the /var/log/maillog file, why are the 4 posts sent to
> testlist-bounces?  I was assuming that there would be one post for
> each of the four list members (dud1,dud2,dud3,dud4).

That's right. Then the MTA returns a bounce to testlist-bounces for each
undeliverable address.

> Is it normal to
> see the testlist-bounces?

If there's a bounce.

> I have set up a mailertable on the
> receiving side of Sendmail that will accept all mail from domain.gov
> and send it to the mailman delivery agent.  On the sending side of
> Sendmail I do not use this mailertable and have set up a smart relay
> to relay the domain.gov messages to domainmta1 at domainpriv.gov and
> also set the Sendmail MTAHost on the send side to this same machine.
> I have verified that I can send email directly from the server that I
> have Mailman on to this remote MTA via Sendmail.
> I agree with your assessment that Mailman seems to be trying to post
> the message to the list members.  But, why is Mailman trying to relay
> through localhost.  I set up my DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST to be
> domainmta1 at domainpriv.gov in my mm_cfg.py file.  The localhost will
> not recognize the dud1 at domain.gov address but the
> domainmta1 at domainpriv.gov server should.  I have not overridden the
> default DELIVERY_MODULE="SMTPDirect".

Aha! DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST controls the domain exposed to the world for
mailing TO Mailman. It has nothing to do with what domain we connect to
for sending from Mailman. That is controlled by SMTPHOST which defaults
to 'localhost'. I'm assuming that domainmta1 at domainpriv.gov above is a
typo and you mean domainmta1.domainpriv.gov or maybe
domainmta.domainpriv.gov since that's what you seem to actually have for
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST. So assuming the Sendmail you want to send (not
receive) through is domainmta.domainpriv.gov, you want

SMTPHOST = 'domainmta.domainpriv.gov'

in mm_cfg.py.

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