[Mailman-Users] newbie: Who is mailman at domain.com

onesir mail mail at onesir.com
Mon Jun 12 18:07:47 CEST 2006

Hi Mark,

Yes.  That solved the problem.  I used cPanel X to create a list 
called mailman in mydomain and I now receive messages sent to 
mailman at mydomain.com.

This is much more useful then having such messages disappear into a 

Thanks for your time and help.


> onesir mail wrote:
> >Mark Sapiro wrote:
> >>onesir mail wrote:
> >> >Unfortunately lots of web-sites are co-hosted at this site all 
with a
> >>>central mailman administration.  I expect users who send a 
message to
> >>>mailman at mydomain.com expect the message to be routed to me.  It 
> >>>impractical for a couple of hundred distinct web-sites to share a
> >>>central mailman admin list.  Oh well.
> >>
> >>
> >> Yes, that is a problem when several domains share the same Mailman
> >> installation.
> >>
> >> I suggest that you subscribe to the mailman list. The site
> >> administration should allow any domain administrator to subscribe.
> >> That way you will receive messages sent to mailman at mydomain.com, 
> >> those sent to mailman at the.other.domains,com as well, and you can
> >> filter out the others and see those of interest to you.
> >
> >I have applied to subscribe.  I suspect our list isn't actively 
monitored as 
> >I haven't heard anything yet (12 hours).  There may well be privacy 
> >with receiving mailman messages for other domains (one suspects 
that the 
> >bulk of the traffic would be complaints).
> I had another thought. You said you are on a cPanel installation. See
> <http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw-mm.py?
> and understand from that that I may well not know what I'm talking
> about, but cPanel has patched Mailman to support lists of the same
> name in different domains. The site list is quite likely an area that
> is handled differently, but you could try just creating a
> mailman at mydomain.com list (which cPanel will create with an internal
> name of mailman_mydomain.com) and see if it will receive mail sent to
> the mailman at mydomain.com address.
> -- 
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