[Mailman-Users] Web based interface not working

jon lanclos jon at corporates.com
Tue Jun 13 09:24:25 CEST 2006

I try and use the login of ...


I have a list called everyone and leasing. I cannot login as administrator
and edit the list, nor can I respond to administrative alerts  which are
sent to me as the administrator.

I'm getting admin mail which looks like this ...

The Everyone at mail.corporates.com mailing list has 6 request(s) waiting
for your consideration at:

Please attend to this at your earliest convenience.  This notice of
pending requests, if any, will be sent out daily.


When I click on the link to go to the web interface - I get the following
message ...

Safari can¹t open the page
³http://mail.corporates.com/mailman/admindb/everyone² because it could not
connect to the server ³mail.corporates.com².

Anyone have any suggestions? Please.

Jon @ corporates.com

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