[Mailman-Users] Throttling output

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Wed Jun 14 21:02:52 CEST 2006


Ok, I've went around the world with this one, so maybe a fresh start is in 
order. I'm sure everyone is getting tired of seeing these "Throttling 
output" messages, especially the ones that don't digest. The more I think 
about it, the less complex it really becomes, thanks to all of the replies. 
So here is what I'm thinking and if someone steps on any point, sobeit, and 
I'll just about give up on this one.

1.   Set up a Mailman list in a normal fashion.
2.   Disable the mailman executable from delivering the outgoing mail, but 
create them in the queue (sort of a sendmail queueonly option). I'm not sure 
this one is possible, and will kill the entire scheme if not. I see a lot of 
possible ways this can be done, but I'm not a python programmer yet, so I 
hope this is do-able.
3   Run a sendmail qrunner with the specific -q option along with the 
proper -OMaxQueueRunSize option. This would point to the normal mqueue 
directory, or wherever Mailman puts the output files. This is fairly tunable 
upon a few runs. The MAX_SMTP_RCPTS config, -q, and -O commandline options 
should be enough.
4.   Let the dept. that set this up resolve the AOL/Verizon thing. The IT 
dept didn't have  much 'request for input' on this one.
5.   Move all of this to it's own server.

Number 2 above is the killer, as I'm not sure if the sendmail alias/piped 
command would control this, an option in the Mailman configs, or what. But 
all of this doesn't require a milter, is common sendmail stuff, and a slight 
change in the way Mailman handles the outgoing files (or maybe not). No 
queuegroups necessary either.

Don't know why it didn't hit me originally.

Thanks, and maybe this will go away if anyone can tell me about #2.


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