[Mailman-Users] "faking" one user of a list

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Jun 16 16:48:08 CEST 2006

Daniel Bartlett wrote:

>There is a list that I run and have a slightly political situation. It
>has been requested that one user on the list is "faked" into thinking
>they are still on the list. So that they receive their own mails and the
>rest of the lists mails. And the their mail can go into the archive. But
>it should not go to the rest of the list. Basically "faking" them into
>thinking that their emails are getting sent out.
>Anyone got any ideas on this one? I know it's a little odd.

It's more than a little odd. I would think the appropriate solution to
this would be between the list community and the user. If it were my
list, I would insist that this be resolved in some other way than by

That said however, you could only do this by modifying/creating code.
Mailman/Handlers/CalcRecips.py is one place it could be done. It could
also be done in a custom handler

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