[Mailman-Users] Most "secure" settings

Steven Clift slc at publicus.net
Fri Jun 16 16:59:44 CEST 2006

Assuming that encrypted e-mail is a red "watch me" flag in countries which
limit political freedoms, what would be the best settings for an e-mail list
to protect the participants from retribution?

My initial thoughts:

1. Private list, invite-only.
2. No archive.
3. Replace From: Name/e-mail with group address - can you do that?
4. Add some disclaimers about best use of the forum, like use of names,
speaking in code for censored words, etc.

What would you add? 

Can the list act as an anonymizer of sorts so that only the message body of
posts are sent out and all the header stuff stripped out?

Is there a good way to tell if the list is being blocked or filtered by a
countries firewalls?

I am most worried about someone's computer or webmail account being
compromised with the e-mail in-box leading back to people.

S Clift
Web:  http://publicus.net

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