[Mailman-Users] Setup mailman question

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk
Fri Jun 16 23:52:03 CEST 2006

On 16 Jun 2006, at 20:10, Thiep Duong wrote:

> I am setting up a mailman server, so far it working fine.
> We want to simplify thing by routing all -bounces -owner
> to a single email address 'sysadmin at am.necel.com'
> How do we do that?

For -owner just set what e-mail address you want in the second field  
of each list's General Option page of the web admin GUI or set it  
when you create the list from the command line.

My approach is to have a list called defadmin and have that as the  
owner address for lists we do not have administered individually;  
usually because none of the users associated with the list are either  
interested in the task or competent to perform it. We then just  
subscribe some lucky sys admins addresses to the defadmin list.

For -bounces aliases you could simply redefine the per list aliases  
to whatever you want in your MTA aliases database. This alias  
redefinition could be automated but beware; if you direct all the per- 
list bounces to the same alias outside of Mailman you will lose  
Mailman's automated bounce processing which you probably do not want  
to do: see the Bounce Processing page of the web admin GUI.

> In the mail received:
> From: poster
> Sender: list-bounces at am.necel.com  <= how can I change it
>          to list at am.necel.com  (no -bounces)

See towards the end of this FAQ entry for a hack to manipulate the  
Sender: header on outgoing messages:


> Reply To: list at am.necel.com

See options under the heading "Reply-To: header munging" on the  
General Option page of the web admin GUI.

> Thanks in advance for the answer.
> Thiep

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