[Mailman-Users] RFC Header to Ignore Messages (dont send them to the list?)

Harakiri harakiri_23 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 21 16:45:02 CEST 2006


i wish to know if there is a header field or something
similar to tell the mailinglist application to ignore
a message send to them.

I.e. sometimes automatic systems generate emails to
email addresses - however they do not know whether the
receiving email address is one entity (a user) or a
group (a maillinglist) - if the second would be the
case the message should be discarded.

There is, in RFC 2156 a header by the name of
"Autosubmitted" however - it seems to only apply to
responses i.e. that no automated system should respond
to such a message.

I tried the approach of using an empty enveloped FROM
but that didnt seem to work either (and has the
backdraw that the sending user would not know that
such a message would not be received)


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