[Mailman-Users] RFC Header to Ignore Messages (dont send them to the list?)

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Thu Jun 22 06:12:18 CEST 2006

At 1:40 PM -0700 6/21/06, Harakiri wrote:

>  That was my question - note that this is not asked
>  about mailman but about maillinglist in general.
>  So there is no way at all to NOT distribute a message
>  sent to a list ? Even if the mail is from a known list
>  member (from field).

	No, there is no standard method of preventing the distribution of 
a message.

	Feel free to write an RFC on this subject, and then convince all 
the MUA, MTA, and MLM authors in the world to support that RFC.

>  Thats really weird, after all these years of mailing
>  lists there should be something like this to catch off
>  all alerting messages and such like :
>  * DSNs
>  * Out of Office
>  * Mail Loop

	Those are totally different things, handled in different (and better) ways.

>  A simple header within the mail would have been enough
>  - and no mailling software implemented one ?

	No, a simple header would not have been enough.  You need to 
understand the difference between "envelope sender" and header 
"From:" field, and how things like bounces, mail loops, etc... are 

	These subjects are covered by two totally different RFC families, 
and if you want to have intelligent discussions on these topics, you 
need to read and fully understand all the members of both RFC 
families.  That's a lot of reading.

	Moreover, these kinds of discussions really aren't appropriate 
for this list -- you would need to get onto the appropriate IETF 
working groups, and talk about them there.

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