[Mailman-Users] UnpicklingError: pickle data was truncated

Patrick Kennedy patrickkennedy at education.state.vt.us
Thu Jun 22 17:09:13 CEST 2006

Problem solved.  Emptying out the shunt directory was all that I needed.
Thank you for your help, I just inherited this box a week ago and
haven't had time to look at the documentation much.


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On 6/22/06, Patrick Kennedy <patrickkennedy at education.state.vt.us>
> Removed all of them and just sent some test messages and am getting 
> the same thing.  How does one unpickle?  I did unshunt.

Unshunt doesn't remove them, it reinjects them into the queue. Was this
what you did? You want to actually 'rm' the various '.pck' files in
e.g., /var/lib/mailman/qfiles/shunt/ (or, perhaps, they might not have
made it to /shunt/. You can 'mv' *all* of the queue files away, and put
them back in one at a time to see which one is breaking.)

I'm not sure of how to unpickle, someone else on the list should be able
to help, here. Which brings me to...

P.s., please CC the list on all replies. :)

- Patrick Bogen

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