[Mailman-Users] cannot rebuild archives

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Jun 23 19:15:12 CEST 2006

Jeff DeReus wrote:
>yet when i did the upgrade I copied all of the archives and placed them in
>the proper spot.  all other lists archive their posts correctly.
>suggestions as to how to proceed or where to look?  do I need to check the
>.mbox for the improper MIME structure?  any help is appreciated.

You don't need to check MIME structure in .mbox. The error log entry
you reported was almost certainly not related to archiving at all
(although the first part of the traceback was missing so I cant be
100% sure).

Are the messages actually being archived in the
archives/private/<listname>/2006-June/ directory?  If you do

cat archives/private/<listname>/index.html

is there an entry for June 2006?

If you do

ls -l archives/private/<listname>/2006-June/

do you see the nnnnnn.html files and the author.html, date.html,
subject.html and thread.html files and the index.html symlink?

If so, there is no problem with the archive; the problem is with web
access. My guess is you are accessing this as a public archive and your

Alias /pipermail/ ...

directive in httpd.conf still points to an old archive, but that's only
a guess.

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