[Mailman-Users] Question regarding Mailman

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Jun 26 17:23:52 CEST 2006


>Thanks for the prompt reply, Mark.
>I check my archives folder and what I see is just
>Things which I observed;
>1) There is no public folder in the archives.
>2) There is only "spark"(which is one of the mailing lists) in private

I don't understand why these things are missing, but you must have an
archives/public/ directory, and an archives/private/<list>/ directory
and an archives/private/<list>.mbox/ directory for every <list> in
lists/. These directories must all be in the mailman group and have
permissions 2775 (rwxrwsr-x). The archives/private/ directory itslf
should have permissions 2770 or 2771 (rwxrws--- or rwxrws--x) and also
be in the mailman group.

The archives/private/ and archives/public/ directories are created by
the Mailman installation process and the archives/private/<list>/ and
archives/private/<list>.mbox/ directories are created when the list is

You will have to create the missing directories.

You also might need to create the default
archives/private/<list>/index.html file for those lists that don't
have one. Creating a 'test' list should create one as an example.

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