[Mailman-Users] problem upgrading from 2.0.11 to 2.1.8 on Solaris 9 with Python 2.4

Kralizec Craig cd at lios.apana.org.au
Mon Jun 26 19:01:04 CEST 2006

Hi everyone,

I'm updating a mailman installation which is currently 2.0.11 running 
under Solaris 9 on a Sun Sparc system

I've compiled mailman-2.1.8 without a problem but when I went to install it, 
it's aborted part-way through the update process with this error:

---- start ----

Updating Mailman 2.0 pending_subscriptions.db database
Traceback (most recent call last):

   File "bin/update", line 789, in ?
     errors = main()
   File "bin/update", line 713, in main
   File "bin/update", line 592, in update_pending
     addr = data[0].address
AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'address'
gmake: *** [update] Error 1

---- stop ----

I made sure that the web server and mail server are turned off before 
trying to install the new version of the software...

Could this be an unknown problem when updating from 2.0.11, or is it 
something more insidious - perhaps a problem with Python itself?

The machine used to have Python 2.2 installed but before starting the 
mailman upgrade I upgraded Python from 2.2 to 2.4. Maybe backing that out 
by re-installing Python 2.2 will help?



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