[Mailman-Users] using an ORBS type lookup to auto reject posts

Jeff DeReus jdereus at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 02:05:08 CET 2006

Thank you Brad for all of your help to my posts over the past weeks/days,
who knows sometimes when you get busy. I will have to look into tying in
spamassassin to those mailman lists.  currently they are private so the only
person who gets the post is myself as list-admin.  i was simply looking for
a quick way to unclutter my inbox.

Thank you,
Jeff D

On 3/5/06, Brad Knowles <brad at stop.mail-abuse.org> wrote:
> At 5:52 PM -0600 2006-03-05, Jeff DeReus wrote:
> >  I was curious if there is some sort of mechanism in mailman 2.1.5 to
> reverse
> >  lookup (?)  the poster via some sort of ORBS type database without
> manually
> >  blacklisting all the different addresses that are out there.  Any help
> or
> >  leads to documentation would be helpful.
>         This kind of stuff belongs in the MTA, or as part of the
> anti-spam/anti-virus/anti-abuse mail filtering system that you use in
> conjunction with the MTA.  By the time the message has gotten to
> Mailman then you've already lost the battle, if you're trying to do
> these kinds of lookups.
>         These kinds of things are only useful to do before you accept the
> message, and that can only be done within the MTA, or within the
> before-queue mail filtering system that works with the MTA.  If you
> don't keep the stuff off your server to begin with, then you've
> already lost.
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