[Mailman-Users] Questions about how moderating works

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Mar 12 00:40:36 CET 2006

Gail wrote:
>The way we've run the list requires that all messages must be read and
>approved by me, and at times I also need to 'add' comments to the end of a
>message.  It appears that all approvals are done on the web, rather than
>through email, is that correct?

No. Moderated messages can be approved or discarded either via the web
or via email.

>Is it hard to use an on line web approval system?  To add comments, or to
>reformat the original message in particular?  I've used one in the past that
>was nearly impossible to use and had to abandon it as it more than tripled
>the time required to do the job!

The on line approval process is simple, but editing messages to be
approved is very cumbersome at best. See

>Is it necessary that messages be approved in the same order they were
>received in?  

No, but approving a reply prior to the original message may affect
threading in the archives.

>Can digest be manually created via some sort of command or are all digests
>created automatically based on size or a time of day set up on the system?

Digests are normally produced once a day by a cron job and additionally
when they reach a settable size limit. You can turn off periodic
digests, and you can manually trigger a digest at any time.

>Is it possible to ban or strip all attachments completely?


>All this may be moot if there's an option for doing the
>processing through email as I have always done in the past.

You can approve by email, and editing the 'approved' post is most
easily accomplished by email too, although it is cumbersome.

>Another 'nice to have' option would be if digests are formatted with a list
>of inclusions at the beginning, including the subject, sender's name, and
>perhaps a number for each message?

Digests come in two flavors selectable by the recipient. Either a
flattened, plain text format or MIME format with each message in its
own message/rfc822 part.

In either format, the messages are preceded by some list boiler plate
and a table of contents like the following:

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