[Mailman-Users] Forged from headers and non existent lists

stupidmail4me stupidmail4me at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 17 21:13:58 CET 2006

You're right. That's a good question. Why is mailman
receiving these messages?

Here's the message that gets sent back:
Your mail for blah at lists.foo.com could not be sent:
	no list named "blah" is known by lists.foo.com

For a list of publicly-advertised mailing lists hosted
on this server,
visit this URL:

If this does not resolve your problem, you may write
	postmaster at lists.foo.com
	mailman-owner at lists.foo.com

lists.foo.com delivers e-mail to registered mailing
and to the administrative addresses defined and
required by IETF
Request for Comments (RFC) 2142 [1].

Personal e-mail addresses are not offered by this

The Internet Engineering Task Force [2] (IETF)
oversees the development
of open standards for the Internet community,
including the protocols
and formats employed by Internet mail systems.

For your convenience, your original mail is attached.

[1] Crocker, D. "Mailbox Names for Common Services,
Roles and
    Functions".  http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2142.txt

[2] http://www.ietf.org/

What can I change so that nothing gets sent?

--- Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun at n-dimensional.de>

> stupidmail4me <stupidmail4me at yahoo.com> writes:
> > My site is getting a lot of spam sent to my lists.
> > They are being sent from unknown people using
> forged
> > from headers. Mailman then sends an email to these
> > forged from headers telling them so and so list
> > doesn't exist. Most of these forged from headers
> > aren't real addresses, so there begins loops of
> > mailman trying to send out a message, and their
> email
> > servers telling mine that address doesn't exist.
> >
> > Is there an option in Mailman to just disregard
> > messages sent to lists that don't exist? I don't
> want
> > to send a message informing them that the list
> doesn't
> > exist, I just want Mailman to ignore it. Is this
> > possible?
> Why does Mailman receive those mails in the first
> place?
> There should be no valid alias for those
> non-existing lists and the
> MTA thus should not accept those mails at all. If
> the MTA just returns
> a SMTP error "no such user", no additional mails are
> generated.
> Gruß,
> Hans Ulrich Niedermann

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