[Mailman-Users] Continuing problem

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Mar 21 07:15:20 CET 2006

Dave Filchak wrote:

>I tried to add
>Approved: <listpassword> to the subject line and as well as the first
>line of the email with an empty line after it but the message still gets
>held for moderator approval. What am I doing wrong with that?

It won't work in the subject. It needs to be an actual message header
or the first non-blank line in the first text/plain part of the
message. Does it get removed from the message you post? If so, it's in
the right place, but the password is wrong. It must be the list admin
or list moderator password (without <>), not your member password.

If it is not getting removed from the message, then it isn't the first
non-blank line in the first text/plain part.

It doesn't need to be followed by a blank line to work, but prior to
Mailman 2.1.7, the first line remaining after the Approved: line was
removed was also removed, so info would be lost if that line wasn't
blank. Also, starting in 2.1.7 an effort is made to remove the
Approved: line from alternative parts, but it still has to be in the
first text/plain part to be recognized at all.

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