[Mailman-Users] Remove sender from list?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri May 5 18:05:06 CEST 2006

Alan wrote:

>Ok, that is one option. Now is it possible to control it through some 
>keywords in header of mail.
>Similar to putting "Approved: <password>" in the first line of post.

If the user has no dups set in the user's options, you can put a Cc: to
the user in the email To: the list and then instead of posting from
your MUA which will send the Cc:, post the message directly with
sendmail or equivalent, sending the envelope to the list only. I think
that's the best you can do.

>> At 9:11 +0200 5/4/06, Alan wrote:
>>> Situation is:
>>> I have a list named "123"
>>> I have a user "user1" in that list
>>> I get a mail from user1 and want to forward it to list 123 but would 
>>> like to exclude user1 from the list for that one time

Are you trying to hide the fact that you reposted the message to the
list (the user could see it in the archives or a subsequent reply to
the list if there are archives or replies or some other list member
may just tell the user, so hiding may not be effective)?

If you're only trying to save the user the trouble of seeing the
message again, I think on the other hand, it is a courtesy to the user
to receive the post which indicates it has been reposted.

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