[Mailman-Users] New installation issues? Need help!

Vishal Mahajan mahajanv at bpl.on.ca
Wed May 10 22:13:00 CEST 2006

Hello List Users,

We are running OX5 on RHEL4. The mail flow was fine, SMTP was working
fine. We installed mailman-2.1.5-33 through the RPM created for RHEL4.
The installed postfix is 2.1.5-4.2.
We followed the instructions as
The installation went fine without any errors and check_perms was
successful too. Were able to login in to the admin interface and were
successful in creating the list (though it showed some bug info after
creating the list). Subscribing to the list went fine too. Added users
did get the welcome mails.
Then I tried sending mail to the list but it did not went through. I
checked the archives also but there was no mail. I tried to check log
files but there were none relevant log files. I did check the
troubleshooting tips and played with the aliases. Restarted the postfix
and mailmanctl.
Tried sending the mail to the list but same result. Its not even coming
to the archives either. I did another test, tries sending mail to the OX
Mail server accounts from outside and even from the same accounts and
the weared thing I found that that accounts have lost the energy of
receiving mails. YES MAIL CAN GO OUT BUT NO INCOMING MAIL. Dont know
whats the problem, some configuration while configuring changed the
incoming SMTP setting for mail server too.

Please help, am totally stuck!



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