[Mailman-Users] odd little issues

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu May 11 21:15:47 CEST 2006

Carconni wrote:
>yet I occasionally receive requests for an approval for posts by non-members.  This is really bad since these are our customers.  What else could be causing this to happen?  What can I do to ensure that emails sent from certain domains (ie, that of my customers) are automatically accepted?

There are lots of reasons why a message can be held, e.g. 'too big'
(General options-.max_message_size), too many recipients (Privacy
options...->Recipient filters->max_num_recipients). Look in Mailman's
vette log (or the admindb pabe or the moderator notification) for the
reason and address that.

>2.<sigh> I've seen this around but I need to fix it:
>I have Outlook users.  They are receiving empty attachments when receiving mail from mailman.  As they love to point out,  "this wasn't a problem with the old mail server" (to which I respond - "yeah - you didn't get any mail at all - but I guess we all forget the bad times")
>Anyway - they do get the message in the body but they get this crazy empty attachment and it's driving them nuts.

What is does the full, raw message from Mailman look like?

>3.Is there any administrative interface that allows me to address all pending requests for all lists with out having to go through each and every list admin individually?


>Lately my mailman server has been sending me approval requests but when I go to the individual list admin there are no posts waiting for approval.  I've noticed that many of "these requests" have a dash "-" proceeding the subject line.
>for ex: From:   expuk-reports-bounces at corp-admin.corp.com Subject: -1 Expuk-reports moderator request(s) waiting

(it's a minus sign, i.e. 'negative one requests').

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