[Mailman-Users] bounce-events-*.pck

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat May 13 06:40:13 CEST 2006

kalin mintchev wrote:
> from a recent post (02.06):
>> If the bounce runner is
>> stopped or restarted when there is an outstanding file, the file can
>> be orphaned and the bounces lost.
>please somebody clarify "outstanding file". how would i know which one is

I think I wrote that. By 'outstanding', I meant one that is currently

>can there be more than one bounce-events-*.pck file that is active at a
>time and is it safe to delete files that have older dates than the most
>recent one even if it's not 'from today'?....

Yes, there can be more than one, but only if you have multiple
BounceRunners processing 'slices' of the bounce queue. If you have
default settings for the BounceRunner entry in the QRUNNERS list and
for REGISTER_BOUNCES_EVERY (i.e. you haven't changed these in
mm_cfg.py), then there can be at most one active bounce-events-*.pck,
and it will be less than 15 minutes old.

Note also that the * in bounce-events-*.pck is the pid of the
BounceRunner it belongs to so if that number is not the pid of a
currently running BounceRunner process, the file is dead.

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