[Mailman-Users] mailman + exim, no mail to owners

Anne Ramey anne.ramey at ncmail.net
Thu May 18 19:24:04 CEST 2006

Anne Ramey wrote:
> I've just switched over from sendmail to exim because of how well it 
> (supposedly) works with mailman, but now none of my owner posts are 
> going through...thus owners are not getting their notifications of 
> pending posts, etc. 
> It's happening for all my lists.  This is what's in the mailman logs:
> May 18 11:43:51 2006 (1956) post to escml.field.all from 
> listname at lists.ncmail.net, size=5185, 
> message-id=<mailman.277.1147878675.1789.listname at lists.ncmail.net>, 2 
> failures
> And there is nothing in the exim log.
> Since the message are getting to mailman, I don't think it's a problem 
> with exim delivering the message to mailman, but there seems to be some 
> error in processing the data.  They just keep sitting in the retry 
> queue.  I'm not sure what to try next, please advise.
Let me add that the main mailman messages are going through fine, and I 
see those sent in the exim logs, it is just these owner posts that don't 
show up in the logs.  Yes, it appears that exim is configured correctly, 
and like I said, the mail is getting to mailman to be posted to the 
owner fine, it's mailman that doesn't seem to be able to handle it.


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