[Mailman-Users] disappearing CC lines

Imre Gergely imre.gergely at astral.ro
Fri May 19 08:58:24 CEST 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Patrick Bogen wrote:
>> On 5/18/06, Imre Gergely <imre.gergely at astral.ro> wrote:
>>> i have some problems with a mailman list.
>>> if i send from user A, to list L, and CC to B and C (where A,B,C are list
>>> members on the same list), the mail i got back from the list (to user A) is
>>> missing a CC address.
>>> i mean when i look at the message (using firefox) there is only one user (B) in
>>> the CC list, the other one is gone.
>> Is user C a member of list L? Mailman tries to not send duplicates,
>> and it may in fact do this by stripping the address from the CC and
>> sending it as a normal list post.
> Patrick is correct as to what happens, but it is a mystery to me why
> this is done. The AvoidDups handler makes a list of all explicit
> recipients of a message (addresses in To:, Cc:, Resent-To: and
> Resent-Cc:). It then goes through the message recipients (normally,
> the non-digest list members with delivery enabled) and any message
> recipient that is a list member and has DontReceiveDuplicates set is
> removed from the message recipients so that address doesn't receive a
> list message because it presumably receive a directly addressed
> message. So far, so good.
> But then, for reasons I don't understand, AvoidDups then removes this
> address from the Cc: header, if that's where it was. It doesn't remove
> it if it is in To:, Resent-To: or Resent-Cc:. It just removes it from
> Cc:. It is not clear (to me at least) why.
> But the bottom line is any address in Cc: that would otherwise have
> received the post from the list and that has DontReceiveDuplicates set
> will not receive the post from the list (because it presumably
> received the Cc:) and will be removed from the Cc: header of the
> message sent from the list.
> Note that this does not affect digest members who are in Cc: because
> they will not be candidate recipients of the message.

let me get this straight. when somebody who is on the list, is also in the CC:
of the message, it wont get the mail from the list, only from the original
poster, right? that's what this DontReceiveDupes does.

but the other members of the list do get the mail. they should see in the Cc:
that one person, who didn't get it because of above condition. or am i wrong here?

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