[Mailman-Users] Umbrella lists

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat May 20 01:03:29 CEST 2006

Lori Christensen wrote:

>None of the sub-lists that are members receive their email from umbrella
>Example: umbrella list name- campusfac-l
>Membership for this list is
>(these all have campusfac-l under recipient filter- Alias names
>(regexps) which qualify as explicit to or cc destination names for this

Does the umbrella list receive the message? (subscribe your own email
address to the umbrella and see if you get the post. Check Mailman's
logs, 'post', 'smtp', smtp-failure', 'vette' to see if the post got
to/through the umbrella and if/why it got discarded by the sub-lists)

The sub-list has to accept the post. This is going to depend on things
like *_these_nonmembers and generic_non-member_action for the
sub-lists or sub-list membership. You may want to subscribe - with
delivery disabled - the umbrella-bounces address (the sender of posts
from the umbrella) to each of the sub-lists.

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